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The Bunnell Newspaper Clippings


NEWSPAPER: The Independent, probably Whitney Point, or Berkshire, NY
DATE: Oct 20, 1942 (Handscribed)
AUTHOR: Herman E. Bunnell

H. E. Bunnell of Berkshire Writes

Last week as Mr. Herman E. Bunnell of Berkshire renewed his subscription to The Independent he wrote a few lines which we quote in part:

"I am 80 years young, and do not remember when I was born, but I read in the Bible that it was on October 4, 1863. I have been told that one month after my birth that I weighed one pound less than at my birth. I have been told that I was born in Marathon, in a house on the south side of East Main Street, the second house at the foot of the hill, and the last I knew the house was still there.

"In 1865 my father began preaching at Georgetown, and from that time until I was 19 I was a wanderer on the face of the earth.

"I began going to school in my native town and I lived in Marathon of that vicinity and in Lapeer until I moved to East Berkshire in 1901. I never lived in one place more than three years. I remember one meadow that I mowed in 1901 is now grown up to brush and there is a nice stand of pine trees which were self sowed from a big pine. Many houses have burned or rotted and are not much good."

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