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Source: This information was contibuted by Charles E. Bunnell, the owner of the original receipt.

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The Bunnell Newspaper Clippings


NEWSPAPER: Unknown; probably Whitney Point NY Reporter
DATE: Dec 28, 1939 (Handscribed)
AUTHOR: Herman E. Bunnell

Register of the Pupils of Long Ago

Record of the scholars taught by Sally Dimmick during the winter of 1842 and 1843 in Caldwell Settlement, Broome County, New York:

Alfred Fenner, Wesley Baker, Charles Franklin, Samuel L. Allen, Solomon Reed, Stephen Arnold, Loren Livermore, Mary Jane Caldwell, Mary Livermore, Loisa Janette Barnes, Betsey Franklin, Hannah Bliss, Harriet Franklin, Sally M. Brockwood, Charles A. Bunnell, George B. Livermore, Randell Lincoln, John G. Bunnell, Walter Dewitt Pease, William H. Bunnell, Asa A. Livermore, James Orton, Adison Allen.

Also George L. Fenner, Luther Richards, Edgar Fenner, Anna Loisa Fenner, Levinia G. Caldwell, Almond Reed, Martha Arnold, Warren Arnold, William H. Roaks, Charles Stanley, Malcomb Underwood, James Allen, Henry Orton, Julia Northrop, Eliza Lincoln, Byron Livermore, Marietta Parsons, Jackson Arnold, Edwin Arnold, Mary H. Allen, Lyman Stanley, Levi Caldwell, Alfred Lincoln.

Signed, Mrs. S. D. Thompson, Norwich, New York; August 31, 1891. ___________________

This list was among my father's papers.

He told me one time that they had a pair of bobs that they rode down hill on. Two of the bigger boys tipped the tongue back and steered it. All the children would get on and ride. One time the bobs were broken and the man who owned them worked all night fixing them so the children could ride down hill.

These have all passed on, but perhaps someone will recognize some of the names as being those of some of their ancestors. Charles A. Bunnell died in 1865 in the battle of Gravely Run, south of Petersburg.

William H. Bunnell was six years old in 1842. He was my father later.


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