Read by The Beulah Patterson Brown Chapter of the DAR,
Newark Valley, Tioga County, N.Y. 1927

Last Name
First Name
Family Information
BROUNELL Gideon d. Oct. 22, 1827, ae 62 yrs
BROUNELL Nancy WILBUR d. Oct. 13, 1856, ae 85 yrs wife of Gideon
BROUNELL Gideon Jr. d. Aug. 22, 1834, ae 31 yrs
BROUNELL Lutie d. June 4, 1842, ae 13yrs 8mos 15das dau. of Samuel & Eliza
BROUNELL Frederick R. d. Feb. 13, 1849, ae 5yrs 4mos son of B.W. & S.C.
COMSTOCK Samuel July 16, 1817 & died in this town Feb. 21, 1850 ae 32 yrs son of Silas & Amy, b. Bunisville, Rhode Island
YAW Nancy d. Aug. 29, 1828, ae 30 yrs wife of William
YAW Orrin d. Sept. 12, 1828, ae 12 yrs son of William and Nancy
YAW Dorinda d. May 7, 1830, ae 10 yrs. dau. of William and Nancy

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