Source title: CEMETERY, CHURCH AND TOWN RECORDS compiled by (Mrs. G Harry, Edith Batsford Swancott, Chairman. Genealogical Research Committee, NEW YORK STATE CONFERENCE DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. 1927-1928 VOL 10, State Regent, Mrs. Samuel Jackson Kramer, Pelham, NY.

Typed by: Deborah Judge Spencer

BAKER Alden d 6 June 1853 ae 63Y
BARR George husband of Amelia d 11 May 1855 ae 63Y
BARR Amelia wife of George d 17 Nov 1856 ae 52Y
BARR Eliza dau of George & Amelia d 2/9 Jan 1846 ae 5Y 7M
BARR Helen dau of George & Amelia d 1 Mar 1846 ae 10m
BARR Rene D dau of George & Amelia d 28/29 Nov 1845 ae 7Y 8M
BARR Luther B son of George & Amelia d 17 Jan 1846 ae 3Y 1M
BEMENT Lydia Ann wife of John W d 25 Mar 1853 ae 24Y
Infant of E & M d 10 May 1867
BRISTOL Eugene S son of James & Patty d 24 Feb 1846 ae 3M 15D
BROWN Cucy wife of Rosel H d 10 April 1836 ae 18Y 5M 7D
CARGILL John d 11 Oct 1854 ae 25Y 2M 18D
CARGILL Olive M dau of John & L C d 3 Feb 1858 ae 4Y 4D
COLIER Jeremiah husband of Lany/Lucy d 29 Jan 1849 ae 85Y
COLIER Lany/Lucy wife of Jeremiah d 3/13 Apr 1860 ae 86Y
COLIER Elenor dau of Jeremiah & Lany/Lucy d 1 Apr 1845/8 ae 29Y
COLLINS Samuel Esq d 4 July 1840 ae 76Y
COLLINS Betsey wife of Samuel Esq d 1 Aug 1854/64 ae 90Y
COLLINS Albert Col. d 19 Apr 1853 ae 36Y 9M 3D
COLLINS Theodore H son of Albert & Mary A d 6 Apr 1861 ae 19Y 9M 26D
COLLINS N Bishop Husband of Abigail d 26 July 1862 ae 56Y
COLLINS Abigail 1st wife of N Bishop d 5 May 1838 ae 27Y 3M
COLLINS Frederick son of N Bishop & Candace d 10 Apr 1846 ae 5Y 1M
COLLINS Henry L son of N Bishop & Candace 137 Reg NYSV d 3 Nov 1863 at Chattanooga, Tenn ae 19Y 1M
COLLINS Nellie A dau of N Bishop & Candace d 19 May 1864 ae 11Y 6M
COLLINS Dan jr d 27 June 1820 ae 37Y 8M 20D
COLLINS Bristol L son of Dan jr & Anna d 19 July 1818 ae 5Y
COLLINS Amy d 23 May 1852 ae 18Y (Stone sunken in ground)
CRAWFORD Byron A son of Ira & Julie A d 15 Jan 1864 ae 18Y 7M
CRAWFORD Maggie dau of Ira & Julie A d 16 Feb 1854 ae 1M 8D
ENRIGHT Wealthy wife of Calvin d 12 Jan 1869 ae 83Y
FORD Caroline dau of Ichabod & Rebecca T d 16 Oct 1825 ae 22Y 6M 15D
FORD Marcus son of Ichabod & Rebecca T d 17 June 1838 ae 42Y 4M 4D
FORD Elizabeth O dau of Lebbeus & Sarah W d 4 Oct 1837 ae 4M 18D
GARDNER Margery B wife of Henry S d 20 June 1856 ae 21Y 11M 5D
GLEAZEN Charles/Martes M son of E F & B B d 27 Oct 1853 ae 2Y
GLEZEN Abigail wife o Marcellus d 22 Mar 1857 ae 56Y 11M
HOLLAND Mary wife of Abram d 8 Feb 1865 ae 49Y
HOUGHTALING Peter B d 2 Mar 1856 ae 65Y
HOUGHTALING Ann wife of Peter B d 14 Feb 1863 in her 70th year
HOUGHTALING Permelia A dau of Peter B & Ann d 13 Jan 1858 ae 35Y 8M
HUTCHINSON Myron T son of Harvey & Sarah W d 6 Jan 1863 ae 21Y 5M NYSV 137th Regt Co G at Battmore,MD
LADNEW Eliza dau of Hiram & Lydia d 24 Nov 1839
MERRICK Georgia son of George & Francis d 2 May/7 Mar 1863
MCKNIGHT Wealthy C wife of Calvin d 12 Jan 1869 ae 83Y
PATCH Frances L/D dau of John & Harriet d 28 Aug 1851 ae 23Y
PATCH Mary J dau of John & Harriet d 29 June 1855 ae 19Y 2M
RANDALL Peleg husband of Eunice d 26 Mar 1856 ae 80Y 10M 17D
RANDALL Eunice wife of Peleg d 22 Mar 1856 ae 84Y 11M
RANDALL David K son of Peleg & Eunice d 2 Oct 1839 ae 29Y 9M
RANDALL Ann Eliza 1st wife of Chester d 30 Dec 1843 ae 33Y 5M 23D
SMITH Almira d Unknown
SMITH Herman Capt Collier's Mass Regt Rev War July 1812 ae 46Y
SMITH Jane wife of Ezekiel D d 29 May 1852 ae 26Y 5M 5D
SMITH Lucy T dau of Samuel & Theodotia d 18 Jan 1850 25Y 5D
SMITH Samuel D son of Ezekiel D & Jane d 5 Mar 1819/49 ae 5M 7D
SMITH Samuel d 3 May 1846 ae 62Y
SMITH Theodetia wife of Samuel d 24 May 1864 ae 72/78Y 6M
SIMMONDS Noah husband of Clarity E d 16 Dec 1863 ae 89Y
SIMMONDS Chariety E wife of Noah d 6 Aug 1858 ae 76Y
SIMMONS Calphurnia wife of Cornelius d 4 Dec 1846 ae 29Y
SIMMONS Mary dau of Cornelius & Calphurnia d 30 Dec 1846 ae 2M 27D
SPICER Dyer d 9 Oct 1852 ae 46Y 24D
RIGHTMIRE Abbey/Abby wife of James d 30 Oct 1863 ae 73Y
RIGHTMIRE James son of James & Abbey d 2/7 Oct 1853 ae 24Y 20D
RIGHTMIRE James husband of Abbey d 14 Oct 1862 ae 70Y
RIGHTMIRE Samantha L wife of John d 18 Jan 1854 ae 34Y 3M
RIGHTMIRE Jennie dau of John & Samantha d 26 June 1865 ae 15Y 3M
RIGHTMIRE Theodore C son of John & Samantha d 28 Sept 1866 ae 4Y 11M
THOMAS Charles d 26 Jan 1854 ae 53/56Y
TORREY Bill Capt. d 15 Apr 1852 ae 90Y
TORREY Rhoda dau of Capt Bill d 3 Jun 1854 ae 63Y
TORREY Samuel son of Capt Bill d 16 Sept 1864 ae 77Y
TORREY Sarah D wife of Samuel d 24 July 1870 ae 82Y 10M 16D
TORREY Mehithable Baldwin wife of Capt. Bill d unknown
WILLIAMS Olive wife of Ransom d 31 Jan 1845 ae 61/64Y 11M
WILLIAMS Ransom husband of Olive d 16 June 1839 ae 61Y 3M 7D
WITTER Elizabeth wife of Daniel P d 3 June 1834 59Y 2/3M 17D
WITTER Louisa C 1st"wife of Asa d 22 Dec 1848 ae 45Y 7M
WITTER Mary Ann dau of Asa & Louisa d 1 Apr 1840 ae 2M 2/20D
WITTER Mary J dau of Asa & Delia T d 19 Sept 1858 ae 8M
WITTER N Lucretia dau of Asa & Delia T d 6 Nov 1859 ae 5Y 4M 5D
WITTER Daniel P d unknown

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