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No matter how you come, east or west, leave current Rt 17 (Soon to be I-86) at exit 61, and continue to Rt. 17 C. Turn right onto Rt. 17 C, go past Barton Town Hall ( Old Little Red Schoolhouse ) on right, to Ellis Creek Road, about a half mile or so (not sure of distance). Well marked. Go north to Drake Rd, turn left about 50 feet. Cemetery not marked, but right beside the road on the left.

Buffone, Charles July 10, 1925 - Mar. 4, 1998 Sayre, Pa. Son of Louis and Gertrude Georgi Buffone. W.W.-2 U.S.Navy Wife; Betty Huffman
Buffone, Frederick C. Jan. 18, 1959 Waverly, N.Y. - Nov. 17, 2000 Waverly, N.Y. Son of Charles and Betty Hoffman Buffone. U.S. Army Wife; Tammy Graves
Corwin, Sarah d. Mar. 4 1901 Glencairn, N.Y. 75 yrs, 10 mos. Dau. of Daniel and Sarah Conkrite.
Doty, Asa d. Apr. 27, 1911 92 yrs, 8mos. 16 das. b. N.J. - d. Town of Barton, N.Y. Son of Ephriam Doty
Doty, Lucy Caroline July 2, 1849 Wysox, Pa. - Mar. 17, 1919 Waverly, N.Y. Dau. of Debie and Amanda Ball Ridgway.
Drake, Jane R. Jan. 9, 1855 Barton Center, N.Y. - Mar. 13, 1931 Waverly, N.Y. Dau. of Nathaniel and Lydia Stewart Genung.
Everson, Elizabeth Anne Nov. 2, 1991 Sayre, Pa. - Nov. 11, 1999 Pittsburgh, Pa. Dau. of Paul and Julie Cabisca Everson.
Forest, John B. ( ashes ) 75 yrs. d. May 13, 1966 Rochester, N.Y.
Hoffman, Frank B. 83 yrs. d. May 6, 1987 Town of Barton, N.Y.
Hoffman, Leslie Carl Aug. 19, 1899 N.Y.S. - Feb. 25, 1981 Waverly, N.Y. Son of Jackson and Flora Ryphenburg Hoffman. Wife; Marion Bruster.
Newman, B(rent?) 19 yrs. b. Ellis Creek d. Mar. 9, 1887 Son of Thomas and Salina Newman
Payne, James b. Barton Center, N.Y. - d. May 30, 1904 50 yrs. Waverly, N.Y. Son of Chaunsey and Fannie Payne
Pizzardi, Mary L. 77 yrs. d. July 18, 1995 Binghamton, N.Y.
Rogers, Irene G. Feb. 9, 1913 Harrisburg, Pa.- June 12, 1999 Sayre, Pa. Dau. of Frank and Grace Moyer Edick. Husband; Leonard d. 1970.
Schrier, Coral E. Feb. 13, 1894 N.Y.S. - June 11, 1974 Waverly, N.Y. Dau. of Martin Wright and Sarah Brown. Wife of Charles Schrier.
Searles, Fay W. July 25, 1924 - July 20, 1997 Sayre, Pa. Son of Floyd and Jennie Shipman Searles. Wife; Doris Lent. Married in 1945.
Searles, Flossie d. Mar. 20, 1897 7 mos. b, d, Barton Center, N.Y. Dau. of Stephen B. and Frances G. Searles
Searles, Floyd Ansel July 3, 1885 Town of Barton, N.Y. - Nov. 2, 1957 Waverly, N.Y. Son of Cornelius and Frane Albright Searles. Wife; Jennie Shipman.
Searles, Jennie M. Jan. 22, 1893 Elmira Heights, N.Y. - Jan. 25, 1989 Waverly, N.Y. Dau. of William and Anna Johnson Shipman.
Searles, Mary Elizabeth d. July 25, 1900 54 yrs., 10 mos. 17 das. b. N.Y. State - d. Barton Twp. N.Y. Dau. of Nathaniel and Lydia Genung
Schrier, Carol E. 80 yrs. d. June 11, 1974 Waverly, N.Y.
Shipman, George Sept. 25, 1844 Barton Center, N.Y. - Feb. 27, 1935 Waverly, N.Y. Son of Shaylor and Matilda Spear. Wife; Josephine Ryder
Shipman, Seward F. Sept. 1, 1932 Waverly, N.Y. - Dec. 23, 1993 Johnson City, N.Y. Son of Stephen and Grace Goble Shipman. Wife; Rosemarie Pizzardi Shipman.
Shipman, Terrance Raymond " Tiny " Jan. 11, 1935 Waverly, N.Y. - Sept. 18, 1997 Barton, N.Y. Son of Stephen R. and Grace Goble Shipman. Wife; Jeanne Petty
Shipman, Terrance Raymond " Tiny " Jan. 11, 1935 Waverly, N.Y. - Sept. 18, 1997 Barton, N.Y. Son of Stephen R. and Grace Goble Shipman. Wife; Jeanne Petty
Tryon, Paul J. July 26, 1949 Sayre, Pa. - Apr. 5, 2001 Elmira, N.Y. Son of Jack Tryon and step-mother Loretta and mother Mildred Bostwick and stepfather, Walter Bostwick. Wife of 21 yrs. Judy
Wheeler, Walter Augustus Jan. 1, 1875 Tioga Co., N.Y. - Dec. 29, 1953 Waverly, N.Y. Son of Philp and Mary Stewart Wheeler. Wife; Ada Adell Drake 87 yrs. b. Town of Barton, N.Y. - d. Jan. 18, 1967 Town of Tioga ,

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